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Lanthanated Tungsten is a non-radioactive material with good welding performance. Its electric conductivity is most closed to that of 2% Thoriated Tungsten. Welders can easily replace Thoriated Tungsten Electrodes with Lanthanated without any changes of welding program. In Europe and Japan, Lathanated Tungsten has been the most popular alternative to 2% Thoriated Tungsten for most applications. This tungsten is used primarily for DC welding but will also show good results for AC welding.
Designation Oxide Additive Impurities Content% Tungsten Content% Color Sign
Category Content%
WL10 La2O3 0.8~1.2 <0.20 Balance Black
WL15 La2O3 1.3~1.7 <0.20 Balance Golden yellow
WL20 La2O3 1.8~2.2 <0.20 Balance Sky blue

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